The Phished Trend report displays a trending graph for your phishing simulation campaigns, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns over time. To generate this report, please click this link for the instructions.

Overall Phish Trend report

Once you've generated your Phish Trend report, you'll see an overall trending graph based on the start and end dates you choose. You will also see the total number of emails sent to recipients and the average phishing rate for your campaigns by hovering the cursor over the bars in the graph.

You can select whether you want the trending report to be displayed monthly, quarterly, or annually.

To can evaluate trends based on different behaviors by clicking on the response type you are most interested in. (Link clicked, Data entered, Attachment opened, or Replied)It is also possible to exclude a campaign from your overall report by clicking on the bar in the chart and removing campaigns using the Campaign List panel that will appear on the right side of the screen. 

Your report can be filtered by Department, Office, or Recipient Group.  To do this, click the Division tab and hover over the trend and select the circle to see the result.

You may also look at the top five most improved and regressed phished rate results, which show the five most decreased or increased phished rate results. The top ten lowest and greatest phished rates during a specific period (last simulation phished result - initiate simulation phished result for the period).In the Detail tab, you can see the result for Phished rate, Link clicked, Data entered, Attachment opened, and Replied in a grid view.If you want to see campaigns with a 0% Phished Rate in your grid view, check the "Show 0% phished rate & responses" checkbox.