New Features

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You can now set up the MFA on your Phish Insight account to add an extra layer of security and to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

To set up MFA on Phish Insight please click on your name on the top right of the screen, click the Pencil symbol and then click the Security tab. 

For detailed instructions to set up MFA please check this article

Once you have set up MFA you will need to enter a 6 digit code that will be sent to your authenticator app. For detailed instructions on how to log in using MFA please check this article.

In addition to above please check our Frequently Asked Questions about MFA here

CSV file upload enhancement

We are enhancing our reporting capabilities and to support that it is now possible to upload more data related to the employee's in your organization, You now have the option to upload an employee's position, manager, and joined on date in our CSV file on the User Management page.

When uploading your employee data you can choose to upload using your own template and map the columns in your file to our Phish Insight columns. 

For further details on how to download and import your CSV file to Phish Insight please visit this article.

Resolved Issue

  • An issue that was impacting training invitations to employees that were phished in a simulations has been resolved.