1. What is TOTP Multi Factor Authentication?

    TOTP stands for Time-based One-Time Passwords and is a common form of two-factor authentication (2FA). Unique numeric passwords are generated with a standardized algorithm that uses the current time as an input.

2. Why is MFA needed?

    With the number of stolen passwords and hacking attempts on the rise, it is important to ensure that your Phish Insight account is secure. The introduction of MFA significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to user accounts. 

3. What authentication applications can you use to generate unique PIN codes?


    Many authentication applications are supported by Phish Insight. Below are some of the most popular options:

i. Duo Mobile
ii. Google Authenticator
iii. Microsoft Authenticator

4. Where can you download the authentication applications?

i. App Store
ii. Google Play Store

5. What devices are supported by authentication applications?

i. Android
ii. iPhone

6. Is it required to have a cellular data or internet connection to access the authentication applications?

No, it is not required to have an internet connection or cellular data to generate your PIN codes.

7. What if your mobile phone was lost or stolen?

When setting up MFA in Phish Insight, you will be given a set of recovery keys and you can also set-up a backup email. 

Please see this link on how to set up your backup email in Phish Insight. 

8. What if you lose your MFA app or the recovery keys?

You can have a one-time recovery key sent to your backup email to regain account access and you can regenerate a new set of recovery keys.

9. How do you enroll your Phish Insight in your authentication app?

Please see this link on how to set up your authentication application in Phish Insight. 

10. What happens if you use all recovery keys? 

You can regenerate a new set of recovery keys, please see this link on how to do it.