New Content

New training module from NINJIO

This latest training video, “Help Wanted: Insider Threat” from NINJIO is out now. This module shows how malicious insider threats can lead to severe consequences for the organization and the individual. It will help your users understand why cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. You can find this module by selecting NINJIO from the publisher drop down list, and browse the modules in the Security Essentials category.

New phishing template and landing page

There are five new simulation templates and landing page created based on recent phishing attacks detected by our Trend Micro Email Security product. We encourage you to take advantage of this latest content to raise cybersecurity awareness. You can find the content in the “phishing emails” and “landing pages” tabs. 

The new HR template comes with a new phishing landing page that can be edited to fit your company’s HR system.

This new Ukraine donation template is a trending attack throughout the world. We recommend including this template in your recent simulation campaigns.

This new template simulates the system email sent out from your IT team. You can utilize this phishing email to enhance internal email security awareness. 

As September comes, more phishing emails regarding scholarships, internships, and part-time jobs are expected to increase. Make use of this template if your company is in a related industry.