Note: Some entities such as government and financial organizations are sensitive to the use of their logos in phishing simulations, please consider this when adding your own images. You should also encourage employees to report suspicious emails to your IT or Information Security team for investigation prior to reporting it to a trademark owner.


How to upload images to a template: 

Phish Insight allows users to upload their own images to their templates.To upload images you first need to save the image locally.

Note: You cannot copy and paste an image in to a template as this image will contain links to other websites. These cannot be used in your templates. If you try this you will receive an error like you can see below. 

To ensure that your image will be uploaded and displayed correctly, please follow these steps:

1. On your template, please select Insert/Edit Image on the toolbar 

2. A popup screen will appear, select the Source button 

3. Select the desired image you want to upload, and then click the Open button at the bottom 

4. You should get an 'Upload Image Successfully' message at the bottom of your screen. Then, click save

The image should now be successfully uploaded to your template. 

Note: Images are hosted under ''. If images are not loading on your landing page, please try to access the landing page on a different network, or whitelist this URL on your environment. If you are still encountering any issues, please contact us through our Chat Widget on the lower right of the page, and select Chat With Us.