Campaign Timeline

The timeline shows the schedule of your campaigns, both simulation and trainings, that have a pending, in-progress or completed status.

Campaigns are sorted according to their start date and time.  

How to view your training campaign details page?

  1. Log in to Phish Insight.

  2. On the Campaigns page, click Training.
  3. Click the name of the training campaign you want to view. 
  4. You will be redirected to the Training campaign details page.

Training campaign details page

Explanation of the Training campaign page

  1. Training name - name of the current campaign.
  2. Training status - status of the current campaign.
  3. Created - date when the campaign was created.
  4. Download data - a csv file that shows the campaign recipients name, email, status and last activity.

Details and Content Used

  1. Details
    1. Start - date when the campaign round will start.
    2. End - date when the campaign round will end.
    3. Deliver to - the group who received an invitation to the training program
  2. Content used
    1. Program - the program used for the campaign.
    2. Modules - count of the modules in the program.

Notification email sending activities 

  1. Invitation - date when Phish Insight will send the invitations.
  2. Reminders - dates when Phish Insight will remind the recipients about the campaign.
  3. Completion - indicates when completion mail will be sent to recipient after they finished the campaign.

Response detail

  1. Side menu -  shows the percentage of your training progress status.
    1. Total recipients - total number of recipients in the campaign.
    2. Completed - percentage and number of recipients who completed the campaign.
    3. In progress - percentage and number of recipients who started but did not finish the campaign. 
    4. Not yet started - percentage and number of recipients who have not started the campaign. 
  2. Campaign chart - shows the training progress status of recipients in a graphical representation.
  3. Recipients table - shows all the recipients of the campaign with the following details.
    1. Name - full name of the recipient.
    2. Email - email address of the recipient.
    3. Status - the status of the training progress of the recipient
    4. Last activity - date and time when the user last interacted with the training