New Features

Improved experience for Adding Users

  • Selecting a group name is now optional. You can add users without assigning them to a group.
  • Add users to a new group
  • You can now add users to an existing group without over writing the previous group members.

Enhancement  on the Create Campaign form

View all your existing groups on the Select the recipients field by using the scroll bar.

Manually Triggering Training Reminders

Manually send training reminders for your ongoing campaigns to help increase your training completion rate. These reminders can be sent to users that have not yet completed the training.

"Next Course" option for employees taking training

Employees who are taking multiple modules can use this option to easily move to the next course.

Resolved Issues

  • You can now select more than 100 records on the Campaign Result Review page to accommodate big campaigns
  • Grayed out "Mark as actual user activities" and "Hidden from Results" buttons on Campaign Result Review page when performing an operation to prevent conflicts