New Features

Enroll phished users in to a training program

This feature enables you to automatically enroll phished users in to a training program.

  1. Go to Campaigns.

  2. Click + New campaign > Simulation.

  3. Fill out the campaign form and click + Follow up.
  4. Select the users you want to notify.
  5. Enable Enroll selected users to a training program.

  6. Select an email template.
  7. Click Preview to check the email. If you edit the template the changes will be reflected for this campaign only. The master template can be edited by clicking Settings > Notifications > Training email
  8. Click Continue.
  9. You will be redirected to complete the Follow Up Training form. 
  10. Enter the name of your follow up training
  11. The Select the recipients section will automatically select the phished recipients of the phishing simulation campaign. You cannot change the recipients of a follow up training campaign.

  12. Click the Select Program input field.

  13. Select the program you want your users to complete.
  14. The Schedule time setting is automatic and cannot be changed. It will take place 1 hour after the phishing simulation campaign ended and will last for a month 
  15. By default, a reminder email is enabled with 1 reminder sent 7 days before training campaign ends. You can optionally add up to 3 training reminder emails or disable the reminder emails.
  16. By default, the completion mail is enabled. You can keep it enabled or disable it.

  17. Click Create Campaign. The training program will be launched once the simulation campaign has ended. Your recipients can access the training for up to one month after its launch date.

Review potential bot activities from simulation campaign results

Users may contact you to say they did not interact with your phishing simulation and question why they are listed as someone who opened the email, clicked on the link or opened the attachment in your campaign. This is something that may also appear when you are testing our product. This can be the result of false positives and may be an indication that a bot or sandbox has interacted with the email before it reached the employee. We recommend that you follow our instructions to add Phish Insight to your Allow List. However, if the false positives continue we will help you to remove these results from your reports.

For more information, visit this link.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the error "There was a problem saving your changes" when removing a module from a training program
  • Fixed the label filter on Courses to display the appropriate training module
  • Fixed issues in editing a dynamic group