Follow Up Settings

You can configure a Follow Up (wrap-up) email to your employees depending on their response to your simulation campaign. This email can contain details of the action taken by the user after receiving the simulation email and details on how to avoid future occurrences.

A wrap-up email can be sent to employees if they perform on the following actions:

  1. Link clicked
  2. Date entered
  3. Attachment opened
  4. Replied

Create a Phishing Simulation with Wrap-Up Email

  1. Log in to Phish Insight.

  2. Go to Campaign and click + New campaign.

  3. Click Simulation.

  4. Populate the simulation campaign form like you would normally do.
    1. Name your campaign
    2. Select the recipients
    3. Select a phishing email
    4. Select a landing page
    5. Determine when to launch your campaign
    6. Launch frequency
    7. Time zone
    8. Determine how you want the emails to be sent
    9. Define monitoring period

  5. In the Set your follow up section, click + follow up.
  6. On the Select response options drop down list, choose the responses that should trigger the follow up email.

  7. On the Template dropdown options, choose the wrap-up email you would like to send to the phished users.

  8. You can preview the template you used by clicking Preview.

  9. Click Create Campaign.