New Features

Download campaign response details

To export the campaign response details into a CSV file, Go to Campaigns, click the campaign name, and click Download data.

Phished users report enhancement

The following columns have been added to the downloaded phished users report.

  • User Agent
  • Department
  • Office
  • Group
  • Template Name

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue with the customized landing pages where some images were missing.
  • Fixed the count of modules in the label categories in the training modules list.
  • Allowed subdomains in the Verified domains page.
  • Fixed empty icons when managing group members.
  • Removed outdated text in the email templates.
  • Fixed character limit in training program names.
  • Fixed minor issues with the search function of training modules list.
  • Fixed the window size of the simulation email preview to display long text appropriately.
  • Fixed the display of training module ratings.
  • Fixed redirection issues in the landing pages.
  • Fixed duplicated notifications when deleting a user.
  • Resolved the error "Unable to get user responses" when browsing the campaign details.
  • Fixed the issue of deleted phishing email names when switching to different tabs.