Feature Updates

Get started page

This page contains simple tasks you can perform to familiarize yourself with the features of Phish Insight.

Demo mode

This feature allows you to experience the product with sample user data. You can access it by clicking Demo mode. All changes you make in this mode will not affect your account.

Note: Some product configurations cannot be changed in Demo mode.

Training campaign

You can now create a training program for your employees by selecting from our wide range of cyber training content from our training partners. To browse the modules go to Courses > Training Modules.

View your training programs with different training modules. Go to Courses > My training program.

To customize the content of your training notification and reminder, go to Settings > Customize Training.

Azure Active Directory Integration

Azure Active Directory Integration (AADI) allows you to synchronize your Active Directory Users and Groups to your Phish Insight account. This feature uses an Azure Application to retrieve and upload the information from your Active Directory securely

How does Azure ADI Work?

  1. Register an Azure Application for Phish Insight in your Azure Active Directory.
  2. Enter the Azure Application Config details on the Phish Insight Azure Sync Settings page .
  3. Connect to Azure Active Directory through Phish Insight.
  4. Retrieve your Azure Users and Groups' information and sync it to your Phish Insight account.
  5. View Users and Groups' information in your Phish Insight account.

You can click here for more information.

Resolved Issues

  • There were duplicate names on the list for recurring campaigns. You should now see a single record that shows the latest round.
  • Additional records did not show even after changing the row option. This has been fixed.
  • "Update localization failed" error message appeared when updating company details. This has been fixed.
  • "Get system landing page failed" error message appeared when selecting a landing page.This has been fixed.
  • Landing page were not showing correctly on preview mode during the customization. You should now see the correct landing page.
  • Fixed the accuracy of "Joined between" rule in adding new groups for on-premise AD users.
  • "Get campaigns failed" error message appeared when switching the status on the campaign list.
  • "Duplicated name" error message appeared when editing an existing group of on-premise AD  users. This has been fixed.