Feature updates

Campaign timeline

The campaign timeline shows the schedule of your campaigns that have pending, in-progress or completed status. 

Campaigns are sorted according to their start date and time.

Edit profile

Update the information on your profile by clicking your name at the upper-right corner and click Edit Profile. You can also change your account password on the same page.

Enhancement on phished users report

Phish Insight gives you the ability to manually tag a record as a sandbox and hide it from the report.

  1. Log in to Phish Insight.
  2. Go to Report > Phished users > Phished users report.
  3. Click the "Eye" symbol under the Visibility column for the record you want to hide. This record will also be removed on the Campaign Overview and will affect the Phished % data. You can enable "Include hidden records" to view these records and unhide them back.

Resolved issues

  • Images on the phishing simulation emails were not showing when choosing a random template. This has been resolved.
  • Links on the conclusion email were directing to an old page. The link has been updated to the new page.