Phish Insight ADI

The Phish Insight Active Directory Integration (ADI) feature allows you to synchronize your Active Directory Users and Groups to your Phish Insight account. This feature uses either the AD Sync Tool or Azure Application to retrieve and upload the information from your Active Directory securely. You can visit our Data Privacy Policy F.A.Q. article to know more about how Phish Insight protects your data.

After the integration, you can use the synchronized Users and Groups' information in your phishing simulation and training campaigns. 

What are the Benefits of Phish Insight ADI?

ADI saves you time and effort managing the Users List in the Phish Insight console for:

  • Changes in Employee information
  • Changes in Group information
  • Newly hired employees
  • Employees who are no longer part of the company

The integration also supports automatic enrollment in Dynamic Groups if a condition has been met. 

Types of Phish Insight ADI

Phish Insight ADI supports both Microsoft On-premise and Active Directory Type. To know more about each type, please check out the following.

  1. On-premise Active Directory Integration
  2. Azure Active Directory Integration