Feature Updates

Updated Navigation Bar

We have updated our left navigation bar to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

  1. Campaigns
    • Create a new campaign
    • View the status and details of all created campaigns
  2. Templates
    • Browse our phishing email templates and landing pages
    • Create and customize templates of your own
  3. Courses
    • This section will be available soon
  4. Report
    • View your campaign results
    • Export the results to a CSV file
  5. User management
    • Manage your user's information
    • View synchronized data from your Active Directory
  6. Settings
    • Choose how you will upload your users and groups

Campaign Creation Enhancement

BEC Simulation

Choose BEC Simulation if you want to be able to track a user's reply to simulation emails.

Phishing Email Templates Selection

Easily select a phishing email template from our new categories ('From our templates', 'From saved templates' and 'Random')

Time Calculator

Get full visibility on when your campaign will be sent using our Time calculator.

Sample email sending schedule of a quarterly campaign

Campaign Monitoring Enhancement

Campaign Status Filtering

Filter your campaign list by status

Users and Groups Enhancement

Editing a Group's Name

  1. Log in to Phish Insight.
  2. Click User Management and click Groups.
  3.  Click the ellipsis across from the group you want to update and click Rename
  4. Fill out the new Group name and click Save.

Resolved Issues

  • Underlines on some text could not be removed when customizing a phishing email template. This is now possible. 
  • "Data entered" actions were not tracked in simulation campaigns with a customized landing page. This is now resolved. 
  • Percentage of "Pending" and "Delivered" Emails in the Campaign Details page did not match. This has been corrected