Phish Insight uses "Labels" to categorize phishing email templates. It can be also used to randomized phishing email templates for your campaign.

  1. Log in to Phish Insight.

  2. Go to Campaign and click + New campaign.

  3. Click Simulation.

  4. Fill out the New campaign form, select Random and choose a Category.
    Note: Phish Insight will randomly select templates from the Label you have chosen. You can select from System Labels or Labels that you have created. Learn how to label your phishing email templates here.

  5. Click Create campaign.

How does the "Random" option work?

Phish Insight assigns each user with a phishing email template from the selected Label randomly.

For Example:
Label 1

  • Phishing Email Template 1
  • Phishing Email Template 2
  • Phishing Email Template 3
  • Phishing Email Template 4
  • Phishing Email Template 5

Possible Result

  • User 1 - Template 2
  • User 2 - Template 1
  • User 3 - Template 5
  • User 4 - Template 1
  • User 5 - Template 3

Note: Any changes made to Labels and Templates will not affect existing campaigns. Make sure to customize and categorize your templates before launching a campaign.

Is it possible that multiple users will get the same template in a campaign?
Yes, some recipients can get the same template.

For a recurring campaign, will a user get the same template in the succeeding rounds?
Phish Insight tries to assign a different template to a user in the succeeding rounds. This means you need to have enough templates available for the recurrences of your campaign. For example, if your campaign is running monthly and starting in January you need to have a selection of 12 templates available to ensure the user will receive a different template in each round that year. The system will reuse a template if you run out of templates in the selected Label.