Phish Insight has 2 available service plans:

  1. Standard
    • ideal for smaller enterprises or those looking to assess our features
    • 200 email credits / month (up to 5 domains)

  2. Premium
    • for large-scale campaigns with customization and automation features
    • 15,000 email credits / month (up to 15 domains)

What is the difference of Standard and Premium in terms of features?

   Access to template library
   Automated Campaigns
  • Random phishing templates      
  • Scheduled simulations               
  • Staggered email delivery
90 day trial*
   Customizable phishing template
  • Content                    
  • Landing page
   Real-time dashboard
   Phished user list
   Unlimited training programs
90 day trial*
   Customizable training programs
   Customizable internal communication                
90 day trial*
   Download training results
User Management
   User group management
   User upload - CSV format
   AD Integration
90 day trial*
   Dynamic group
90 day trial*
   Knowledge base
   In-product support
90 day trial*

* The trial of these premium features will expire on August 31, 2021.

How does it work?

When you sign up you can start to use Phish Insight immediately.

As a standard user you can:

  • Send test campaigns to up to 20 recipients

  • Verify your email domain and send up to 200 phishing simulations or training emails

To discuss our Premium plan, please contact us

Why is it free?

Trend Micro believes that everyone has the right to be able to protect themselves in the connected world we live in today. Use Phish Insight to give all the employees in your organization adequate knowledge to defend themselves against cyber threats.

How long will it be free?

The phishing simulator will remain free along with some basic training content. Phish Insight will start charging for premium training content in the future. Right now, you have unlimited free usage of the product.

What does Phish Insight do with my data?

Phish Insight does not use any of the employee data that is loaded into the product for marketing purposes. The only person that the Phish Insight team will contact for product features and other marketing content is you, the administrator of the tool. However, you can opt out any time. To learn more about your data privacy, please click here.

Why do I need to verify my domain?

This is a security feature of the product to ensure you have adequate permission to send phishing simulations and training to employees in your organization. It's automated and pretty easy to do! For more information, please refer to this link.